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Fast and Furious Movie Analysis Essay

This scene is the last scene of the movie. It takes place at the old home that the crew lived in when the first movie came out. The crew(Dom, Brian, Letty, Mia, roman, Tej, Han, and Brian’s child) are gathered together in the yard. Starting the scene Roman comes out of the house and tells Tej not to burn the barbeque again(implying that this wasn’t the first time it had happened, with Tej replying that he never burned it before. Then it the scene switches focus to Brian, Mia, and their son in which Brian explains that the house’s air quality and traffic isn’t the best, but he thinks that he will learn to like it. Mia focuses on showing him the garage and explaining that it was the place where he could build his first car with daddy. A few moments after she said that, Dom responds â€Å"First car better be a charger jack†, which Brian gave a confused look to and replied â€Å"You mean a skyline†. Letty chuckles as Dom argues â€Å"Like I said he’s a Toretto†(fact bring that Brian’s last name was O’Connor). O’Connor smiles back and responds â€Å"You’re confusing the kid†, as Dom then asks Mia if she was going to let him get away with those words(even though all this was just playful, loving arguments). The focus goes to Han, Tej, and Roman as they discus Hans plan to move back to Tokyo, something he feels that he has to do because of the plans he made with his girlfriend, whom had died in the earlier scene. Tej wonders if he was really going to leave, and after Han confirms it, Tej says â€Å"You know we got your back, whenever you need it†. The men nod to each other and seconds later Hobbs and Elena enter the scene, as Roman makes a joke and Hobbs retaliates. Hobbs, in his stiff posture, walks up to Toretto(Dom) and O’Connor and openly expresses that they are now free of all their crimes. Excitement arises, â€Å"Wasn’t half bad having you work for me†, says Hobbs. â€Å"Now we all know you were working for me Hobbs†, Dom replies. Brian interferes says that they agree to disagree and thanks Hobbs for what he has done. As the men are gathered, Letty approaches Elena(Tej expressing to Roman that it must be an awkward encounter), and thanks her for everything she had done for Dom and her, then continues by implying that she was an amazing woman. As the two talk they go back and forth about Dom and end off on good terms, even though it was the first time they had met and they were both in love with the same man. Once again the scene switches to Hobbs and Dom, as they stand side by side. Dome takes a step forward(looking straight ahead past Hobbs) â€Å"Not bad for a cop† he says with a smirk. As Hobbs does the same he replies â€Å"I never thought I’d trust a criminal†. â€Å"Till next time†, they both say to one another and part ways. Hobbs gives Elena the sign to head out, but Dom stops her and explains â€Å"You don’t have to go†. Elena informs him that it was not her place, but that this was his home and her home was with the police force. She kisses him and walks away. The original crew mentioned in the beginning of the paper come together at the lunch table and laugh amongst each other, Dom asks Letty, â€Å"Any of this feel familiar to you?†, â€Å"No†¦ But it feels like home†, she responds after taking a sip of her beer. The scene comes to an end as they say grace as a family. Scene 4 Concept: Primary Groups For this scene, the concept of a primary group will be applied. According to the book, Communicating In Groups:Application of Skills, Adams and Galanes define primary groups as â€Å"groups formed to meet primary needs for inclusion and affection†(Adams and Galanes). Although this type of group can be used for a work type situation, it is mostly connected to a close type relationship. Each member shows motives such as: love, caring, avoiding feelings of loneliness, sharing, feeling cared about. These are successful only when the members decide to let go of some freedom as individuals. A primary group can come in many different forms, such as friends, sororities, fraternities, etc. However, the group from fast and furious 6, demonstrate the main form of a primary group, a family(even though almost all of them are not blood related). For example, the way Brian and Dom argue about which car the O’Connor’s son will first build, going back to their competitive spirit on what type of car was best. Although they were disagreeing with each other, their words were all out of love for the child and one another. Another example of this concept is the conversation between Han and Tej. Although Han individually wants to go out to Tokyo for himself, he has the support of his closest friends(the crew), and you know this when Tej say â€Å"You know we got your back, whenever you need it.† By saying this, it shows that they care for each other, which is an important factor to be a primary group(need to be caring). To become a primary group I had addressed that you must be willing to put away your individual desires. A prime example of this was the one on one discussion that occurred between Hobbs and Dom. Once again, Dom says â€Å"Not bad for a cop, as Hobbs replies â€Å"I never thought I’d trust a criminal.† The word trust in these few words is key. As a primary group, a family, you must trust one another and although neither of the two men had got along with each other in previous matters, they became somewhat close and finally put aside their individual attitudes to welcome each other in as one unit. According to Preserve Articles, there are some more points in being a primary group, two of which are physical proximity and identity of ends. Physical proximity is â€Å"connected with the fusion of personalities within the group†(Bhatt), which is exemplified as each of the members get together at the end at one table and enjoy a nice lunch together. This is a symbol of closeness within the characters. Identity of ends is â€Å"connected with the fusion of personalities within the group†(Bhatt). As this point of the article states, a primary group usually sees the world through the same Letty says â€Å"No†¦ But it feels like home†. Letty had lost her memory, which is revealed in an earlier scene of the movie, but they way that she says everything feels like home implies that she was one of them, and that she also seen the world in a very similar, if not the same way as the others(identity of ends). This is the only scene in which the whole clip is based off of the group being a primary group rather than a secondary group.

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