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Ethics and Negotiation Essay

?Negotiation is a pervasive features of business life. Success in business typically requires successful negotiations. In a competitive and morally imperfect world, business people are often faced with serious ethical challenges. Herboting suspicious abut the ethics of others, many feel justified in engaging in less-than-ideal conduct to protect their own interests. The most sophisticated moral arguments are unlikely to counteract this behaviour. We believe that this morally defensive behaviour responsible, in large part, for much undesirable deception in negotiation. Drawing on recent work in the literature of negotiations, we present some practical guidance on how negotiators might build trust, establish common interests, and secure credibility for their statements thereby promoting honesty. â€Å"We must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy† George Bernard SHAW What do we mean by ethics? Ethics are broadly applied social standards for what is right and wrong in a particular situation, or a process for setting those standards. And ethics grow out of a particular philosophies which; define the nature of the world in which we live and prescribe rules for living together. Why do people choose unethical behaviour? The first answer that normally occurs to us is that people are corrupt, degenerate, or immoral. In fact these answers are to simplistics; moreover, they do not help us understand and control our own behaviour, or successfully influence and predict the behaviour of others in a bargaining environment. Here were three primary factors motivational factors which lead negotiators to consider using unethical tactics: the pursuit of profit, the desire to beat an opponent in a competitive environment, and the need to insure or restore some standard of justice that has been violated. Three major categories of ethical conduct were used to describe the broad range of questionable negotiating strategies and tactics: means/ends, truth-telling, and relativism. The more e is committed to abide by certain rules and procedures, the more one believes that following the rules will eventually lead to the desired ends. The second group of tactics, relativistic vs. absolute, forces us to deal with questions of whether there are truly absolute rules and principles of right and wrong, or whether questions of ethics must be answered by each individual in his own personalized, subjective view of the world. Many authors have suggested that bluffing, misrepresentation or factual distortion is sometimes necessary in order to effectively negotiate; such behaviour, however, may well be seen by others as unethical and inappropriate. We believe that the negotiation process raises a host of ethical issues, more so than most other interpersonal transactions. Much of what has been written on negotiating behaviour has been strongly normative abut ethics, and prescribed â€Å"dos and don’ts†. We do not believe that this approach facilitates the understanding of how negotiators actually decide to act unethically. We believe this process can best be understood by a simple decision-making model. We proposed that a negotiator who chooses to use an unethical tactic usually decides to do so in order to increase his negotiating power. Power is gained by manipulating the perceived base of accurate information (lying), getting better information about n opponent’s plan, or undermining an opponent’s ability to achieve his objectives. Using these tactics leads to two kinds of consequences; first, actual attainment or non-attainment of these goals he was seeking; and second, evaluation and criticism of the tactics by the negotiator himself, by his opponent and by observers. Negotiators usually feel compelled to justify their actions –i.e., they know they have done something â€Å"wrong† and need to establish a â€Å"good reason† We suggested that the decision to use ethical or unethical tactics may be influenced in varying degrees by differences in individual backgrounds, personality, rewards or punishments associated with ethical or unethical actions, and the social and cultural norms that dictate what is appropriate or inappropriate in a given environment. We have made a number of assumptions about ways to judge and evaluate human conduct in the realm of ethics. We have intentionally avoided taking a strong normative stance, and have not tried to emphasize our own biases about what kinds of conduct are ethical or unethical. Instead, we have proposed several conclusions that can be drawn from research, experience and common sense: 1 Individuals will often disagree as to what kinds of negotiating tactics are â€Å"ethical† or â€Å"unethical†, and in which situations it is appropriate or inappropriate to use them. 2 The decision to use an unethical tactic can be probably best be understood as a quasirational decision making process in which a variety of personality and situational variables are likely to affect that decision. 3 In deciding to use an unethical tactic, a negotiator is likely to be most heavily influenced by what he believes the consequences will be for his choice: will it help him accomplish his objectives, and what kind of feed back is he likely to receive from others? 4 Negotiators who have used unethical tactics in the past, or might be considering their use in the future, should strongly consider three possible consequences of using unethical tactics: a Will they really help achieve objectives? b How will they affect the quality of the relationship with this opponent in the future? c How will they affect their reputation? Negotiators frequently overlook the fact that while unethical or expedient tactics may get them what they want in the short run, these same tactics typically lead to long-term problems and to diminished effectiveness. Rules of the game An assumption: every negotiation situation involves questions of ethics. What are the understood â€Å"rules of the game?† What is fair? What is just? What is legal? What is appropriate and acceptable? What is expected? Is ethical behaviour †¦. What is practical? What is expedient? What is efficient? What serves one’s interests or a client’s interests? What is necessary to win? Like the poker player, a negotiator hopes that his opponent will overestimate the value of his hand. Like the poker player, in a variety of ways he must facilitate his opponent’s inaccurate assessment. The critical difference between those who are successful negotiators and those who are not lies in this capacity both to mislead and not to be misled. Four major approaches to ethical reasoning 1 End-result ethics (results lens) The rightness of an action is determined by evaluating its consequences. Here the question is: â€Å"what will be the result?† 2 Duty ethics ( reputation lens) The rightness of an action is determined by one’s obligation to adhere to consistent principles, laws and social standards that define what is right  and wrong. Here the question is: â€Å"what will others think?† 3 Social contract ethics ( relationship lens) The rightness of an action is based o the customs and norms of a particular society or community. The question here is: â€Å"how will this impact others?† 4 Personalistic ethics (rights lens) The rightness of the action is based on one’s own conscience and moral standards the question here is: â€Å"what should I do?† So when in an ethical quandary we answer the following questions; What will be the result? What will others think? How will this impact others? What should I do? THE IMPORTANCE OF NEGOTIATION ETHICHS Commonly held assumptions reflect negatively on the ethics of the negotiation tactics of car salespeople, lawyers, horse traders, and other people who have a reputation of trying to influence folks into reaching agreements by misrepresenting facts. This kind of stereotyping has attached itself to people from different countries, ethic groups, or even as reflected in the expression from the 60s ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’. Negotiation is about many things; one of its central elements is convincing others to accept the accuracy or reality of information that will influence their decision. Most negotiators know that it is, indeed, possible to influence people by lying to them. But good negotiators also realize that when other parties find out they have been on the receiving end of lies, the lying negotiator’s credibility goes down to tubes. There is an old expression ‘If you cheat me once, shame on you. ‘If you cheat me twice, shame on me.’ People who have been taken in by dishonestly resent  it; if they are able, they try to get out of deals where there’s been misrepresentation. In general, a general negotiator must make positive misstatement to be held liable fraud. First, when the negotiator makes a partial disclosure that is; or becomes, misleading. Second, where the negotiator acts as a fiduciary. Third, when the negotiator has important information about the transaction not accessible to the other side. Fourth, where required by statue. On the other side we can say that negotiation is not a competitive sport. In competitive sports, the object is to end up winning the game, the race, or the event. Negotiators who focus on treating other parties as opponents run the risk of ending up with reluctant counterparties to whatever agreements may be reached. Unless all the parties are fully committed to their agreement, it may well fall apart; in those circumstances the negotiation has failed. The ethics of negotiation should be based on several understandings; Reluctant partners make undependable partners so treating negotiation partners with respect and honesty simply makes common sense. Negotiators need to recognize up front that the only reason to use negotiation to resolve a conflict, agree on a project, or conclude a sale because other parties may be able to add value an individual or a single company cannot do acting alone. Transparency in the negotiation process is more likely to bring about buy-in than hidden agendas or tricky maneuvers. Other parties have feelings. Last understanding is the Golden Rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated has the bottom line value of increasing other parties’ enthusiasm about negotiating with you as well as their enthusiasm about the ultimate  agreement. Good negotiation ethics: honesty, transparency, respect for others are all genuinely pragmatic approaches to use. A negotiator’s reputation is not unlike that of a restaurant; if you have bad meal, you are not likely to return. And a negotiator with whom others don’t want to deal is effectively out of business. Negotiator also should understand four major approaches to ethical reasoning: end-result ethics, or the principals of act utilitarianism; rule ethics, or the principle of rule utilitarianism; social contract ethics, or the principles of community-based socially acceptable behaviour; and personalistic ethics, or the principles of determining what is right buy turning to one’s conscience. Each of these approaches may be used by negotiators to evaluate appropriate strategies and tactics. Consequently we can say that negotiation ethics is more important for negotiator that’s why negotiator should recognize ethics carefully. Also unethical behaviours are most important to the negotiator. Because when he or she faced with unethical behaviour he or she should find the reasons for unethical behaviour.

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The Killer Angels

â€Å"The Killer Angels† written by Michael Shaara in 1974, published by Ballantine Books, is a story showing the courage and heroism of people involved in the Battle of Gettysburg that took place in 1863. The novel presents the battle in an objective manner, and does not take sides when displaying the position of the two armies on the subject of slavery. It is an outstanding book and is worth reading due to the presence of real characters. In other words, the characters have been brought to life and the audience not only gets to learn about the battle itself, but also about the views and opinions of the participants.One of the most interesting methods is how Shaara presents the narrative through the viewpoints of army personnel, which makes the events come to life. The results are well rounded characters, detailed imagery, and an objectivity that didn’t label either side as the hero. Michael Shaara first developed a passion for writing when he was in grade school. Afte r graduation, Shaara joined the armed forces where he served as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne Division, a seaman, and police officer.In 1951, he graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree and continued his educational process by engaging in some graduate work at Columbia University and the University of Vermont. After publishing many science fiction novels Shaara begin to take on larger project such as writing war novels. In The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, vivid imagery, details, and insightful character development reveal the differences between the Union army and the Confederacy. These two armies have different causes for fighting, but the main cause for the war is slavery.This key issue sparked the war. The Confederacy is fighting for independence from the North, yet the Union is fighting for freedom and an end to slavery. The thesis of this novel in my opinion reads as, although we are soldiers that are highly trained and motivated war still is a const ant struggle in our everyday lives and the lives of our families. War is never easy and we engage in this job for the loyalty, courage, selfless service, duty, honor, integrity and personal courage to stand and protect this place we call home.The main point isn’t primarily focused on displaying the soldiers’ reasons for fighting the war, but Shaara wants to focus on the soldiers as individuals and how they cope with the stress of being in a war zone. At times, history books show the impact from such an objective point of view that the experience itself isn’t made easily understood by students or readers. Shaara gives life to the events and allows the audience to emotionally engage with individuals  involved in it by the arrangement of his powerful words.Providing us with a more personalized understanding of a war from which we are otherwise removed. The main values that Shaara personally incorporated was Selfless Service he took it upon himself to write at boo k specifically detailed to highlight a soldier’s point of view. Honor is another value outlined by Shaara the way that he states how the officers talk to the soldiers and explain how they can make a difference not only in the community that they live but in the world shows that both parties exhibit honor to be viewed as soldier whether union or confederate.Personally, I agree with the thesis outlined by this author because you never read in the history books or gain an understanding of the aspects of the soldier, the strain that they undergo or the risks that they take that can impact their lives. They do all of this not by placing self first, but the welfare of you the people. I understand because being a soldier is not easy you not only impact your self but the love ones around you, it really does take one dedicated individual to engage in this job as a soldier.

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Exercises and Problems Essay

Trudy Company incurred the following costs. 1. Sales tax on factory machinery purchased $ 5,000 2. Painting of and lettering on truck immediately upon purchase 700 3. Installation and testing of factory machinery 2,000 4. Real estate broker’s commission on land purchased 3,500 5. Insurance premium paid for first year’s insurance on new truck 880 6. Cost of landscaping on property purchased 7,200 7. Cost of paving parking lot for new building constructed 17,900 8. Cost of clearing, draining, and filling land 13,300 9. Architect’s fees on self-constructed building 10,000 Items of property, plant and equipment should be initially recorded at cost. Costs include all costs in which are necessary to assure the assets are in working condition for their intended use. This includes original purchase prices along with costs of site preparations, delivery, handling, installation, professional fees included for architects and engineers with estimations for dismantling and removing these assets for restoration of original site. Knowing managements intended use comes in very handy and is extremely important when applying this cost principle. Cost principle assets are to be recorded at cost this equals the value which was reciprocated at the time of the attainment. Assets in the United States like land and buildings appreciate in value over a given period of time these items do not get revalued for future financial reporting. Shipping costs form part of the asset costs, however; the cost of accidental insurance or any type of insurance during the later periods ar e recurring expenses which benefit and is not received for short term, less than a year therefore; it does not get included within the costs of assets. References: Weygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D., & Kieso, D. E. (2010). Financial accounting (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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Child Protection Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Child Protection Services - Essay Example By 1926, nearly 18 states have developed their own versions of child welfare boards that were charged with the responsibility of coordination of private and public child0-related work. New Jersey joined the Child Service and protection bandwagon in 1974 when several states passed the child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) that allowed for federal funding for children protection services (Department of Children and Families, 2014). The child protection services in New Jersey fall under the jurisdiction of the State’s Department of Children and Families. Formerly referred to as the division of youth and family services (DYFS), child protective services department of New Jersey is the state agency that is concerned with protecting children and their welfare. The DCF was created in 2006 as the State’s first cabinet agency that was bestowed to ptrotect the most vulnerable children and families within the state. They ensure the safety and permanency, as well as the well-being of children. They strive to achieve this by providing support to the families. While it is the constitutional right for parents to raise their children without the interference the state, the state of New Jersey can interfere with this constitutional right in the event that a child is under serious physical, emotional or psychological harm as a result of a parent’s actions or omission. Since the inception of the Child Protection and Permanency services, the department has been tasked with investigating various allegations that involve cases of child abuse or neglect. They also have a mandate to arrange for the protection of the child, as well as for the treatment of the family. The department has undergone numerous changes in a bid to improve the quality of their services. For instance, the department recently initiated a rapid response initiative that oversaw the implementation of a child abuse hotline service.

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Socket programming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Socket programming - Research Paper Example However, sockets can also be used to facilitate communication on one computer being either as synchronous (blocking) or an asynchronous (non-blocking) socket (Luo etal., 2009). The difference between the two is that the blocking socket ensures socket operation to be completed before the program resumes the next execution. On the other hand, non-blocking socket usually allow the application to be responsive to other events The development of socket programming has achieved notable success over the years. It all started with the development of a free version of UNIX operating system in the year 1978, the BSD UNIX by Bill Joy. The second free version of BSD was released some months later which become the internet backbone due to its open source concept. On this front, it was notable in facilitating the development of TCP/IP with UNIX as the research platform (Parziale etal., 2009). This breakthrough into spearheading internet research using UNIX operating system made Bill Joy to be regarded as the â€Å"Edison of the Internet†. The socket interface development was initially conducted on BSD UNIX after which it was later incorporated into other operating system to simplify porting applications (Mansfield & Antonakos, 2010). Stream socket (SOCK_STREAM) – mainly involved in connection-oriented data transmission where the data is usually considered as a stream of bytes. Uses the bind (), listen (), accept (), and connect function to establish connectivity and develops flow control to ensure there is no data overruns. To effect communication successfully, a stream socket requires that the two parties involved in the communication process to establish the connection first before initiating the dialog process. The client program requests for connection after which the server program determines the suitable socket connection. The data being transmitted is bound to arrive following its sending order without any duplication or errors.

The Tesco Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Tesco Management - Essay Example â€Å"Tesco started life in 1919 when Jack Cohen started selling surplus groceries from a stall in the East End of London. Mr. Cohen recorded a profit of  £1 from total sales of  £4 on his first day.† The brand Tesco first appeared in the year 1924 when Jack Cohen supposedly bought a tea shipment from Mr. T. E Stockwell. The year 1929 marked the opening of a store in North London and the company rapidly developed from there on. The head quarters of the company was first established in North London in the 1930s. In the year 1932 the company became a private limited company, another feather in the cap of Tesco.Expansion of the CompanyThe expansion of the company traces back to the year 1950 when the company quickly bought rival shops so as to expand and compete with other Giants. In another endeavor to do so, the company bought as many as 70 William stores and an unprecedented 200 Harrow stores. 1960s saw a revolution in the supermarket trend, the stores started selling more products in larger shops and Tesco was quick to capitalize on the very same opportunity. In the year 1961, the Guinness book of records acknowledged that Tesco was the largest store in the whole of Europe and more growth followed as the company opened another Superstore in Sussex. â€Å"Supermarkets once and for all changed the way people shopped and by the 1970s Tesco was building a national store network to cover the whole of the UK, which it continues to expand to this day, while also making other products available to its customers.†Ã¢â‚¬  (A History of Tesco) The company recorded annual sale of ?1bn in the year 1979 and the sales doubled by the year 1982. The year 1987 was historical for the company as the company completed a successful takeover of their supermarket rivals Hillards for a whopping ?220m. The term superstore was an alien term but Tesco was the first company to introduce this term, the term referred to two aspects of the company, namely the size of their store and secondly the vast choice of inexpensive food and other items to choose from. The appearance of the stores mattered a lot and in order to ensure that the stores looked great, the company spent massive amount in order to put some daylight between their competitors. The company also took into account the parking space for the customers and ensured that their customers were provided with enough space and a wide range of products to choose from. The company was the first to install enhanced lightning and also widened its aisles. The company extensively worked on providing its customers with fresh food items to choose from. The company stopped depending on the manufacturers by opening a centralized warehouse to cater to the demands of its various stores spread across the whole of Europe. The company teamed up with Marks & Spencer to establish stores in all major cities, in an attempt to do so the company established a 65,000 square foot superstore which

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DCFS Policy of Regulation of Day Care Centers Research Paper

DCFS Policy of Regulation of Day Care Centers - Research Paper Example In this paper a clear picture of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is given. The history of the DCFS policy is analysed along with the aim of the policy, services provided, beneficiaries of the policy, finances and funding of the DCFS policy etc. The History of the DCFS Policy: Since its inception in 1965, DCFS has played a major role in the protection of children. The DCFS came into being by making child welfare on a State basis from Illinois. The policy of DCFS has got momentum and started spreading in various states. The DCFS policy has reached from the State of Illinois to other states like Nevada, Utah, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Arkansas, etc. The Impetus for the DCFS Policy: The DCFS policy was created with the aim of protecting the children through all possible ways. The impetus behind the formation of DCFS is clear from its mission. â€Å"The mission of DCFS is to: †¢ Protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected and to increase their families' capacity to safely care for them †¢ Provide for the well-being of children in our care †¢ Provide appropriate, permanent families as quickly as possible for those children who cannot safely return home †¢ Support early intervention and child abuse prevention activities †¢ Work in partnerships with communities to fulfil this mission† (Mission Statement, 2009, para. 1). DCFS Programs or Services: ... Foster care is another service provided for the betterment of children and under this child who faces neglect or dependency or is abused is placed outside the home in a temporary place. A foster family doesn’t mean a permanent home for the child but a temporary shelter to protect the child. Adoption is a service of the DCFS for children without home or protection. DCFS provides a chance for the children who need care through the process of adoption. A society in a building block is constituted as family for these children who provide love and care to them for growing them as healthy adults. â€Å"The Department helps thousands of adoptable children to find a new home each year. Most children placed by DCFS were from homes so abusive or neglectful that it would be unsafe for them to return† (Adoption, 2009, para. 2). Day care centres and its regulation is another service or function of DCFS policy. For this the process of licensing, Protective/Family Maintenance Day Care Programs and Family Maintenance Day Care services are introduced. The main programs introduced by DCFS include licensing, Protective/Family Maintenance Day Care Programs and Family Maintenance Day Care services. The licensing of day care centre is done by the DCFS for the betterment and protection of children. It is the function of DCFS to give license and set standards for day care centres, homes, group homes and day care agencies in the state. Protective/Family Maintenance Day Care Programs is implemented by DCFS for protecting the children who are found to be neglected or abused. DCFS implemented the Family Maintenance Day Care services for taking effective steps in controlling the abuse and neglect of

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Reading Responses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading Responses - Essay Example What is not discussed in the open by women would actually become the main conversation and a thing of pride by men subtly declares the made-up superiority complex of men who believe that power makes them better than women. There is no logic that supports men’s sense of superiority apart from the stronger physical built! The two most enlightening passage from the article indicate men’s need to maintain their dominance within social paradigm. The TV shows would treat the subject in length and male intellectuals would argue ‘how could a woman master any discipline that demanded a sense of time, space, mathematics, or measurement, for instance, without that in-built gift for measuring the cycles of the moon and planets - and thus for measuring anything at all?’ Indeed, the phenomenon that is normal for women would turn into unique event for men just reveals the pseudo psychology of ego that men exercise. The ‘normal’ event would become yet another main event that would help them retain their male dominance over women who are look physically frail but have the emotional and intellectual strength to compete against their male counterpart and

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Gospel Interpretation Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gospel Interpretation Project - Research Paper Example During Lazarus time, the dead were buried immediately after their death. This was because there were no preservatives of the dead body and burial had to take pace immediately so that the body did not decompose and become a bother to the people. Moreover, there were burial rites that needed to be observed. For example, in the case of Lazarus, he was wrapped with white clothing before he was buried according to the Jewish culture. Similar to many other cultures, people went to mourn with the family of the deceased. This explains why there was a crowd surrounding the home ground of Lazarus that Jesus found when he went to visit four days after his death. The people were aware that the body underwent decomposition after burial because the sisters to Lazarus indicated to Jesus that they were afraid that he was rotting and smelling already. Moreover, the people exhibited fear for the dead as they were not aware of the real condition of the dead. This explains why they were shocked when the y were shocked when he was resurrected (Harris 403). Prior to the event of resurrecting Lazarus, the Jews had threatened to stone Jesus. Therefore, the disciples were against the idea of Jesus joining any crowd that comprised of the Jews. However, Jesus indicated that it was during the day and he had twelve hours to complete his daily activities. It was at this point that Jesus made the disciples aware that Lazarus had died. However, at first he said it figuratively giving the disciples the impression that he was just asleep. After realizing that the disciples has not grasped the meaning f his words, he said it clear that Lazarus had died. However, he mentioned that it was a good thing that he had not been there during his death because this could present a good opportunity for them to believe. With this, Jesus was referring to the event making people believe that he was the son of God (V., C n.p). On

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Cooking Is My Hobby Essay Example for Free

Cooking Is My Hobby Essay I enjoy cooking because it keeps me happy in my life. Whenever I feel sad or upset, cooking ease that for me in a big way. I started cooking when I was 6, but it was as simple as putting ham and cheese between 2 slices of bread and used my favorite condiment of maynaise and let it heat up for about 30 seconds. When I grew older, my knowledge of food grew to new depths when I learned how to cook American food on the grill when I was 13 and my dad was the sole reason why I got better since he explained to me how to use temperature control. The 1st dish I made on my own without any kind of assistance was Alaskan Cod with Lemon Pepper which I enjoyed very much when it was baked in an oven. Now, in my college years, I evolved into making cursine in many cultures such as tacos from Mexico, crepes from France, peking duck from China, and pizza from Italy using my ingredients I purchased from HEB, Fiesta, or Chinatown in my hometown. Cooking is the only thing in which I know how to do best and I usually cook for my family, relatives, friends, or people whom I do not know. Sometimes, I cook multiple of one thing for homeless people and disturbute them across the city. My least favorite thing to cook is vegetables since I do not like them, but if someone requests them on their plate, I will not be unwilling to cook them. Instead, I would embrace their desires and make it for them. I have invested hours of my time per day to be more knowlegable about different cooking methods from various chefs instead of just one in order to be prepared for different styles of cooking and perferences from guests. My signature dish is pork and leek dumplings with either soy sauce or vinegar or my orange chicken with basil and coconut broth so if you are ever in my area, I will be willing to cook for you.

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Conflicts in Romantic Relationships: A Literature Review

Conflicts in Romantic Relationships: A Literature Review Amanda Bjork Conflict. We all experience conflicts, arguments, or fights in our lives and in our relationships. It is present for and affects everyone, whether they have have platonic, intimate, close, friendly, or other types of relationships. Conflict exists whether someone is fifteen or fifty five years of age, but what does change are the topics causing the conflict. Conflicts within romantic relationships can lead to yelling, tears, hurt feelings, and sometimes even broken things, including broken hearts. Understanding the topics of conflict within romantic relationships is important because people sometimes express their frustrations as a way to produce a desired change to meet their personal needs within the relationships. My own relationships have brought this to my attention. I have started fights because I want something to change, because I wasn’t happy with how things were. Disagreements and conflicts are inevitable, but vital to the evolution of any relationship. According to Jaelline Jaffe, Ph.D and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D (2007), disagreements will occur in any intimate relationship because it just isn’t realistic (or possible) for two people to have the same expectations, ideas, needs, and/or opinions all of the time. Successfully resolving these relational disagreements is crucial for the development and continuance of all successful relationships. It is essential to ponder the topics of argument and then conflict management within relationships since literally everybody is involved in and needs relationships in one way or another. If we can better recognize the topics that create conflict within relationships, we could theoretically decrease the amount of conflict that is present and thus increase relationship satisfaction overall. Guerrero et al. (2001) have identified conflict to be a â€Å"disagreement between two interdependent people who believe that they have dissenting goals.† Conflict plays a very significant role within romantic relationships. Not only does it potentially affect the duration of said relationship, but also the level of satisfaction each person has within that relationship. Julia T. Wood (2007) stated that â€Å"conflict affects the power dynamic between couples by forcing them to negotiate and renegotiate the extent to which they share power.† Guerrero et al. (2001) also said that close, romantic relationships that are devoid of conflict are rare, unrealistic, and highly extraordinary. Essentially, relationships just cannot exist without some kind of conflict. â€Å"In truth, satisfied couples are more likely to discuss issues of discrepancy, whereas discontented couples are more likely to abate or elude conflict† (Guerrero et al., 2001). Even though conflict is so prevalent in relationships, very few scholars have actually done significant research on the subject (Walker, 2000). The â€Å"dark side† of relationships, that much of the research refers to, is generally considered to be the â€Å"bad† things; fighting, disagreement/arguments, and conflict. It is very difficult to understand conflict within relationships and how to manage it since scholars have not yet completely broken into the realm of interpersonal conflicts. Guerrero et al. state, â€Å"the need to examine the dark side of close relationships is more important than focusing on the positive aspects of interpersonal relationships.† Walker goes on to say that studies have a â€Å"Pollyanna-like perspective which only highlights that individuals need to be open, honest, polite, and attractive in relationships, while ignoring other negative relational dynamics.† As Walker also states, conflict is just as essential (and common) in relationships as the pos itive aspects, thus creating validity and the necessity to cultivate a better understanding of the topics that people fight about in relationships (Walker, 2000). There are not many things in this world that are more communicative than emotions can be. â€Å"A rapidly growing body of research indicates that the transition from casual dating to serious commitment is marked by intensified emotions, increased emotional jealousy, greater reactivity to conflict and uncertainty, and more negative appraisals of irritations† (Theiss Soloman, 2006). The first fight a couple might have may occur at this point in their relationship progress, the beginning. The couples who dissolved their relationship after the first big fight reported having been feeling chaotic or ambiguous about their relationship as a whole (Guerrero et al., 2001). Accordingly, the partners who stayed together gained a greater comprehension of their emotional state with regards to each other, felt like they were well suited to problem solve together, and were assured that both would be willing to make sacrifices for the relationship/each other. Guerrero et al. (2001) estimated that â€Å"most romantic couples have somewhere between 1-3 disagreements per week, of which 1 or 2 disagreements each month is particularly unpleasant. Additionally, couples who are dissatisfied often experience 5.4 incidences of conflict over a 5-day period.† Guerrero et al. (2001) state that â€Å"most disagreements are related to the fair division of household labor, jealousy and possessiveness, sex, money and possessions, the social network (including families), and children.† More research has shown that work has an effect on relationships, including unearthing stressors such as low support from partners, the amount of time devoted to relationship activities, and even issues such potential children and their ages/names (Cinamon, 2006). In addition, partners might complain about the amount of time spent together and justify engaging in infidelities (Guerrero et al., 2001). Arguments about sex, household chores, money, jealousy, possessions, social media, the futu re, and children are of course not the lone or single sources of disagreement that couples can experience, but they tend to be the most frequent types of conflict within intimate and romantic relationships. After distinguishing what types of conflict can arise, it is particularly important to also understand that there are different levels of conflict as well. Guerrero et al. (2001) claim that there are four levels of conflict. As defined by Guerrero et al. (2001), the first conflict level is when couples argue about â€Å"specific, concrete behaviors such as how to specifically clean the kitchen. The second level of conflict is when couples argue about relational rules and norms such as working late without informing your partner or forgetting your significant other’s birthday or anniversary† (Guerrero et al., 2001). Thirdly, Guerrero et al. define the third level of conflict to be when partners argue about their varying personality traits. Finally, the fourth level of conflict is when couples â€Å"argue about the process of conflict itself, otherwise known as metaconflict. This may also include accusing your partner of pouting, nagging, throwing a temper tantrum, not l istening, or fighting unfairly† (Guerrero et al., 2001). In conclusion, the research reviewed in this literature review has suggested that conflict within relationships occurs very commonly and in nearly all relationships. We can assume that the majority of couples involved romantically will experience 1-3 disagreements per week (Guerrero et al., 2001). These studies also suggest that a majority of arguments among couples are a product of money, sex, household duties, jealousy, social media, the future, and children. Additionally, the research demonstrated four levels of conflict, which can be alleviated once the topics are identified and conflict management employed. References Cinamon, R. (2006). Anticipated work-family conflict: effects of gender, self-efficacy, and family background. Career Development Quarterly, 54(6), 202-216. Gere, J. U. (2013). When Romantic Partners Goals Conflict: Effects on Relationship Quality and Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Happiness Studies, 14(1), 37-49. Guerrero, L., Andersen, P. (2001).  Close Encounters: Communicating in Relationships. Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield Pub. Keener, E., Strough, J., DiDonato, L. (2012). Gender Differences and Similarities in Strategies for Managing Conflict with Friends and Romantic Partners. Sex Roles, 67(1/2), 83-97. Mackinnon, S.P., Sherry, S.B., Antony, M.M., Stewart, S. H., Sherry, D. L., Hartling, N. (2012). Caught in a bad romance: Perfectionism, conflict, and depression in romantic relationships. Journal of Family Psychology, 26(2), 215-225. Segal, J., Jaffe, J. (2007). Conflict Resolution Skills. Retrieved February 10, 2015 from Theiss, J. A., Solomon, D. H. (2006). A relational turbulence model of communication about irritations in romantic relationships.Communication Research,33(5), 391-418. Walker, K. (2000). The Dark Side of Close Relationships. The Southern Communication Journal, 65(4), 340-342. Wood, J. (2007).  Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth Pub.

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Harry Potter Book Review Essay

Harry Potter Book Review Essay The Harry Potter books are very successful upon their being published. The Harry Potter books describe us as muggles, non magical people who live our lives not knowing the existence of wizards. The books allow us to envision a magical world that we are unable to see. Wizards are usually tolerant and good toward muggles. The book thins the line between real life and fantasy. People love an unlikely hero who isnt supposed to succeed and one who is an underdog in life. Harry Potter with a scar on his forehead, usually broken glasses, his small skinny frame and lateness about learning the wizard world, is that underdog hero that everyone covets to see. He succeeds in his endeavors because he is enthusiastic, he has a significant amount of courage, and the best friends anyone person could hope to have. He is one of the most courageous characters you will ever read about in a fantasy novel. Its stunning how much more he cares about other people than he does himself. He and his friends would die for each other which is the trademark of a friendship that can go no higher. The book contains all the elements of adventure stories, coming of age, monsters, magic, sports, and miracles. Its like a snickers bar. Everyone loves chocolate, caramel, peanuts and nougat. Put them all together and you have one tasty concoction. There is also, for the first time, a magical town introduced called Hogsmade. According to the book, its the only all-magical town in Britain. Starting in the third year, the students are allowed to travel there, which is only a few miles away, on scheduled visits. CHARACTERS: Ron Weasley is the best friend of Harry Potter. His self esteem is as erratic as the stock market. Unlike Harry, he has no financial means. His father is a member of the Ministry of Magic and his family is backed by generations of pure blooded wizards, but Ron is often picked on by Malfoy for wearing tattered robes, for living in an old house, and for not having a rich father. Ron is deeply loyal to the people he loves as is evident in this book when he simply refuses to speak to Hermione for turning Harrys new broomstick into Professor McGonagall. He and Harry are inseparable. Ron tends to be perceived as a sidekick to Harry, which is not true at all. Ron feels valued by Harry and doesnt seem to mind this that much, but sometimes he seems to feel pushed to the side. He is adventurous and sometimes mischievous but usually with good intentions. In at nutshell, Hermione Granger is a know-it-all who is never shy to voice her opinion. In the same way that Harry represents courage and Ron represents loyalty, Hermione represents the only brain the trio seems to have. I honestly wonder what they would do without her. They always rely on her expert spell knowledge and quick thinking. Hermione was born to a muggle family, but she is the top student in her class. Her muggle blood makes hear a favorite target for the antagonist of the trio, Draco Malfoy. Although she disapproves of Ron and Harrys behavior (sometimes), she stands by them. When in doubt, she turns to books. She is a type of person that believes a book has the answer to almost any problem. In the book, shes stressed by work constant conflicting with Ron, so several times she snaps and lets loose of the rule breaking demon inside of her, once hitting Malfoy, and another time walking out on Divination class when the professor insulted her. It is her magic hourglass, called the time turner that allows her to go back in time to take extra classes, and helps her and Harry save Sirius and Buckbeak. Harry Potter is the thirteen-year-old protagonist of the story and the entire series. He is famous in the wizard community for being the boy who lived. When he was one year old, the most powerful dark wizard Lord Voldermort tried to kill him but the curse rebounded upon him and he nearly died. As a result of the curse rebounding back at Voldermort, Harry was left with a small lightening shaped scar on his forehead. Harry doesnt remember these events, and because was orphaned by Voldemorts attack, he lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. His relatives do not tolerate any mention of magic in the house. They call it the M word. He was raised just short of constant abuse. He is humble and doesnt like to take credit for accomplishments so he stays away from special treatment and praise. He wants to live a normal life in the wizarding world. He always succeeds in his quests through a mix of skill and help from his friends and then some more help from his friends. Harry runs into Sirius Black because he entered the Whomping Willow in attempt to rescue his best friend Ron. Harry would do anything for his friends Ron and Hermione. Even though he is not the most powerful wizard, or the most skilled wizard, Harry bests more experienced and more talented wizards because he is brave, quick, and resourceful. THEMES: There are many themes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The author J.K. Rowling is very good with putting meaning behind her words. Some of it is subtle and some of it is easily noticeable. One of the themes that I noticed is that nothing may seem what it is, that everything has another side or is two-faced. This is evident in multiple instances. We first see it when the Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher, Professor Lupin, who spends much of his time being good professor that all the Gryffindors like, and then another part as a being werewolf. We now can concur that everything is capable of having another side. We see it once again when Sirius Black turns out to be innocent. Everyone thought he was a mass murder who killed 13 people, but he wasnt. Hermione, who normally abides by rules and follows them like the bible begins to break the rules. This one may be a stretch but Buckbeak the Hippogriffs execution was reversed through an intrusion in time with Hermiones time turner. Nothing in this story is ever what it seems like. Its such a page turner that keeps you guessing and guessing again. Everything stands in a pole position to surprise you. In  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,  every story has two sides. Its like the Schrà ¶dingers cat thought experiment for Quantam Physics. We have to believe that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time. Its the same way with this book. We have to believe that both possibilities can happen. POINT OF VIEW: The point of view for the entire book is third person limited. Third person limited point of view is essentially living through only one character, usually the main character. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the character you live through is, you guessed it, Harry Potter. We get a sense of Harrys thoughts and senses constantly. We always not what he is thinking and feeling. In this book, we never stray from Harrys mind. Every single part of the book we read through Harrys, eyes, ears, smell, touch, tastes, and thoughts.

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Variation in the Punishment of Hate Crimes Essay -- Law Legal Crime Re

Variation in the Punishment of Hate Crimes Love Thy Neighbor. We have all been taught, if not have heard these same words. There are two opposite words in the dictionary with two opposite meanings. Love is defined as to have a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, and on the other side Hate is told as to feel hostility or animosity toward a person or thing. With this, hate crimes can be murder or assault, or racially or religiously motivated. In the following cases you will see that hate crimes take many different forms and there exists a wide variation among states in the specifics of their laws.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the Mississippi Code punishment for Hate Crimes are noted in 99-19-301 through 99-19-307. In order to impose an enhanced penalty under the provision of 99-19-301 through 99-19-307, the jury must find beyond a reasonable doubt: that the defendant knew that the victim was within the class delineated; and that the defendant had specific intent to commit the offense because the victim was within the class delineated. As subsection two of the hate-crimes statute indicates, in order for the felony enhancement to apply, a person must commit an underlying misdemeanor â€Å"primary offense.† Primary offenses under the statute include assault, property destruction, criminal trespass, and any misdemeanor offense against public order and decency. According to the Mississippi crime and punishment graph, hate crimes that are any felony or misdemeanor act racially motivated may double in sentence.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Beckwith v. State, Medgar Evers, a black civil rights activist and leader in the turbulent 1950s-1960s civil rights struggles, was murdered at his home in Jackson January 12, 1963. Byron De La Beckwith, a vocal prosegregationist and white supremacist in this State, was arrested June 23rd and indicted for Evers’ murder at the July, 1963, term of the grand jury of Hinds County. He stood trial in February, 1964, and following a hung jury, a mistrial was ordered by the circuit judge February 7. He again stood trial in April, and following another hung jury, the circuit judge declared a mistrial April 17, 1964. Until his second trial, Beckwith had been incarcerated without bail. Following his second trial Beckwith was released on $10,000 bail. He ran a markedly unsuccessful election and his successor on March 10, 1969, moved court t... ... duty, the criminal justice community must have adequate information about the nature and prevalence of hate crimes.† The Statistics shoe that the top two places for hate crimes to take place are in the street/alley and at a residence. In a 2002 statistic Mississippi was shown to have four total offenses, two in aggravated assault and two in intimidation. Mississippi standards are that the punishment may be doubled in any felony or misdemeanor act racially motivated. My opinion may be that any act resulting in death from a hate crime act should be sentenced to life to death in prison. Hate crimes can be murder or assault, or racially or religiously motivated. These cases prove the difference the people and the crime committed. â€Å"Erase the Hate.† Works Cited Ward v. Utah, March 10, 2003, 321 F. 3d 1263 Beckwith v. State, December 22, 1997, 707 So. 2d 547 James Bryd Jr., Berry v. State, July 27, 2001, Tex. App. – Beaumont, 2001. Not reported in S.W. 3d. State v. Ladue, July 01, 1993, 631 A. 2d 236

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The Epic Education of Achilles in Homers The Iliad Essay -- Iliad Ess

The Epic Education of Achilles in Homer's The Iliad Dr. Fly’s comments: This paper was well-organized and developed; the thesis was argued in a logical fashion; material from primary and secondary sources was well-documented and integrated smoothly into the text; the author’s style was clear, with varied and sophisticated sentence structures and concrete vocabulary; and the paper demonstrated excellent command of grammar and mechanics.    Within the annals of epic literature, the celebrated role of "epic hero" has always been present, heralding the poem's themes through the actions of a single, extraordinary protagonist. Strong and courageous, he is caught within the nets of mortality, and, at times, he may struggle to replace his worldly desires with celestial knowledge. In profound ways, he can even embody the mythological ideals of a civilization, and, through his many perilous adventures and profound encounters, the course of his identity may shift in focus towards something greater than himself. Through this change in his character, one can observe the universal plight of humanity in greater detail and discover how one must overcome certain obstacles to understand the complex nature of the gods. In Homer's The Iliad, such an "epic education" can be found within the account of Achilles, who, through his slow transition from an excessively angry brooder to a compassionate symbol of self-sacrifice, matures in to a character that is more in tune with divine enlightenment. At the beginning of The Iliad, Achilles is observed as being insulted by Agamemnon and getting caught within a web of anger; this state of rage distinguishes the ignorance of his character at the beginning of his "education." The pinnacle of t... ...elf that lay beyond the superficial weaknesses that plague the journeys of all men. Works Cited Clark, Matthew. "Chryses' Supplication: Speech Act and Mythological Allusion.† Classical Antiquity 17 (1998): 5-20. Expanded Academic ASAP. Online.LOUIS.28 Nov.2001. Homer. The Iliad. Trans. Robert Fagles. New York: Penguin, 1991. Redfield, James M. "The Wrath of Achilles as Tragic Error." Essays on The Iliad: Selected Modem Criticism. Ed. John Wright. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1978. 85-92. King, Katherine C. Achilles: Paradigms of the War Hero from Homer to the Middle Ages. Berkeley: U of California P, 1987. Schein, Seth L. The Mortal Hero: An Introduction to Homer's Iliad. Berkeley: U of California P, 1984. Van Nortwick, Thomas. Somewhere I Have Never Traveled: the Second Self and the Hero's Journey in Ancient Epic. New York: Oxford UP, 1992. The Epic Education of Achilles in Homer's The Iliad Essay -- Iliad Ess The Epic Education of Achilles in Homer's The Iliad Dr. Fly’s comments: This paper was well-organized and developed; the thesis was argued in a logical fashion; material from primary and secondary sources was well-documented and integrated smoothly into the text; the author’s style was clear, with varied and sophisticated sentence structures and concrete vocabulary; and the paper demonstrated excellent command of grammar and mechanics.    Within the annals of epic literature, the celebrated role of "epic hero" has always been present, heralding the poem's themes through the actions of a single, extraordinary protagonist. Strong and courageous, he is caught within the nets of mortality, and, at times, he may struggle to replace his worldly desires with celestial knowledge. In profound ways, he can even embody the mythological ideals of a civilization, and, through his many perilous adventures and profound encounters, the course of his identity may shift in focus towards something greater than himself. Through this change in his character, one can observe the universal plight of humanity in greater detail and discover how one must overcome certain obstacles to understand the complex nature of the gods. In Homer's The Iliad, such an "epic education" can be found within the account of Achilles, who, through his slow transition from an excessively angry brooder to a compassionate symbol of self-sacrifice, matures in to a character that is more in tune with divine enlightenment. At the beginning of The Iliad, Achilles is observed as being insulted by Agamemnon and getting caught within a web of anger; this state of rage distinguishes the ignorance of his character at the beginning of his "education." The pinnacle of t... ...elf that lay beyond the superficial weaknesses that plague the journeys of all men. Works Cited Clark, Matthew. "Chryses' Supplication: Speech Act and Mythological Allusion.† Classical Antiquity 17 (1998): 5-20. Expanded Academic ASAP. Online.LOUIS.28 Nov.2001. Homer. The Iliad. Trans. Robert Fagles. New York: Penguin, 1991. Redfield, James M. "The Wrath of Achilles as Tragic Error." Essays on The Iliad: Selected Modem Criticism. Ed. John Wright. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1978. 85-92. King, Katherine C. Achilles: Paradigms of the War Hero from Homer to the Middle Ages. Berkeley: U of California P, 1987. Schein, Seth L. The Mortal Hero: An Introduction to Homer's Iliad. Berkeley: U of California P, 1984. Van Nortwick, Thomas. Somewhere I Have Never Traveled: the Second Self and the Hero's Journey in Ancient Epic. New York: Oxford UP, 1992.

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Mental Pressure

Mental Pressure? It is because of something that was said or done has overwhelmed your mindset and it becomes difficult to think. A number of students has been encountered feeling and complaining about this said â€Å"Mental Pressure† nowadays. It happens because your brain is receptive of everything, meaning it will take information and process it how it sees it. This topic does not aim only for the Mental Pressure that students experience now but also what makes them feel stressed a lot ore than the usual and how they cope from it.Thus, Stress or Mental Pressure is not always a bad thing, having to experience cramming, staying up late at night doing home works or projects or even doing your task at the last minute when the paper or any sort is being collected by the teacher or the person in charge makes you think of how you, yourself is making your own life more complicated, it will make you do what is right the next time around. But that doesn't mean that it has an advantag e that it is to supposed to be fixed, It may have an advantage but it has more disadvantage than anyone would thought.This may also cause some serious response to the human body that is why this topic's aim is to know how students deal with this sort of stress and have to research more about it to improve for future references and to help make students feel more comfortable with their studying routine and not feel stress than the way they experience it before. Statement of the Problem This research aims to scrutinize the various ways or plans of selected fourth ear high school students regarding on how they cope with stress and mental pressure.The present study, within the context of the school, will be concerned with the following research questions: 1 . When do you often encounter Stress with school works? 2. How do you manage to finish a task with all the stress and pressure you have packed in with you? 3. How does Mental Stress affect you with your educational purposes? 4. What is your most recommended way of coping or having to deal with stress or mental pressure? 5. Significance of the StudyThis study is beneficial, first, to the students, that they may be able to convey their reactions and feedback of the K-12 program through the survey. This study may also be beneficial to the school and the members the faculty that they may look at the K-12 program through the eyes of the students and find out Just how they could help students learn and understand their respective subjects better, and how they can help this students' learning experience become an enjoyable one, while still maintaining the objective to produce world- lass and globally competitive persons of whole person learning.This study may also be beneficial to the parents of each student, that they may understand why exactly they are paying for two more extra years of secondary education and how this can affect the betterment of their child/children's future. Scope and Delimitation The study will only focus on the perceptions of selected senior high school students of Notre Dame of Greater Manila SYS 2014-2015 regarding the adapted K-12 program.The study will not be including research regarding other factors hat are affected by the program such as the perceptions of the freshmen and sophomores regarding the program, the preparations made by the school staff for the students who are affected, and the likes. Definition of Terms The following terms were mentioned in this study: Adaptation – the process of changing to fit some purpose or situation. Autonomous – existing or acting separately from other things or people. Pedagogical – relating to teachers and academics and education. Perception – point of view; the way one thinks about or understand something.

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Dr. Strangelove

653 Throughout Dr. Strangelove, there are examples of a variety of leaders and leadership styles or lack thereof. A majority of the characters in this movie obviously have a difficult time being effective leaders. It is apparent from the beginning of the movie, particularly the scene where Mandrake enters Rippers office. There are obvious issues with his Rippers mental capabilities. Ripper, because of his position, at some point must have been an excellent leader, appears to have lost his sense of reality and become paranoid. This became clear when he convinced himself that the Russians had infiltrated the water system, which are the causing him ill effects. Because of his delusions and paranoia, Ripper put his country at risk of a disaster confirming that he is incapable of still leading. On the other hand, Mandrake appears to be a sufficient leader and makes every attempt to reassure Ripper and try to obtain the code to stop an unnecessary attack on the Soviet Union. Throughout the movie, Mandrake appears to be the most competent leader and in the end confirms this by deciphering a code that prevented all but one of the bombings. Buck Turgidson sees himself throughout Dr. Strangelove as a superior officer and leader. Proven repeatedly through the movie Turgidson exhibits an enormous ego and has a questionable sense of leadership. He seems more occupied with his personal life and his paranoid beliefs of the Soviet Union than leading his saving his own country. The president in this film, Merkin Muffley, is an interesting portrayal of a United States President. Muffley shows no exceptional leadership skills but does seem to have the ability to make his own decisions. However, there are points while in the war room that make his leadership skills questionable. The conversations between the president and Dmitri Kissof, for instance, definitely show a submissive side of Muffley. However, he does seem to redeem himself in several scenes when making appropriate decisions in effort to halt the bombings. Col. ‘Bat' Guano appears to be a strong leader and commander. During the scene of Mandrakes capture the colonel is forceful however shows the skill to accommodate Mandrake. This is apparent when the Colonel fires upon the soda machine to assist Mandrake in acquiring enough change to contact the president. A leader like this is an asset in any situation, especially this one. Soviet premier Dmitri Kissof is a humorous portrayal of any type of leader. Kissof, portrayed to be a drunken leader, is more interested in his personal amusement rather than leading his country. During the scene where the president is speaking to Kissof, it becomes apparent that instead of ruling his country, he is enjoying a party and listening to loud music. While pilot Maj. T. J. Kong is not one of the main leaders in Dr. Strangelove however, he is an imperative leader. His leadership skills are far superior compared to a greater part of other leaders in this movie. Examples of his superior skills, exhibited in the last few scenes, Major Kong risks his life to repair the bomb doors in his plane, resulting in his riding the bomb to the ground for detonation. Finally, Dr. Strange-love is not particularly a leader but more of an information source. Although it is apparent through the few scenes he appears, that at one time, he was an important asset to the Nazi’s and some sort of scientist but now was an important source of information regarding the doomsday device. In the end, the few good quality leaders were essential in the successful return of all but one bomber. Unfortunately, this last bomber also had a great leader who was determined to complete his mission, and succeeded in his bomb detonating. Dr. Strangelove certainly reveals different leaders and the detrimental effects poor leadership can result in. Works Cited Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick. Dir. Stanley Kubrick. 1963. Columbia Pictures, 2004. DVD

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Non-disclosure agreement

Limited Liability Company  «XXX » (address), represented by its Director Name Name, and hereinafter referred to as â€Å"COMPANY†, on the one hand, and _ (address)___, hereinafter referred to as â€Å"EMPLOYEE†, have concluded this Agreement upon the following: – 1. Subject. The Agreement is concluded in order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information as defined below. The parties agree and acknowledge entering into a confidential relationship with respect to the disclosure of certain proprietary and confidential information (hereinafter termed as â€Å"Confidential Information†).   This Agreement shall govern the conditions of disclosure. 2. Definition of Confidential Information. For purposes of this Agreement, â€Å"Confidential Information† shall include all technical information, business information or material that has or could have commercial value or other utility in the business in which the COMPANY is engaged. It includes all methods, processes, formulae, systems, techniques, inventions, patents, trade secretes, computer programs, research projects, business methods, financial data, etc. Confidential Information may be in form of electronic documents and files, physical documents and oral communications. If Confidential Information is transmitted orally, the COMPANY shall indicate in writing that such communication be constituted as Confidential Information. Confidential information also includes any written works, which were produced by the EMPLOYEE at the COMPANY’s demand.   The COMPANY shall label or stamp all written documents with the wording â€Å"CONFIDENTIAL†, acting as an indicator. 3. Exclusions from Confidential Information. EMPLOYEE’s obligations under this Agreement does not extend to information that is: (a)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Publicly known at the time of disclosure, or subsequently becomes publicly known through no fault of the EMPLOYEE; (b)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Learned by the EMPLOYEE through legitimate means other than from the COMPANY or COMPANY’s representatives; (c)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Is disclosed by COMPANY with COMPANY’s prior written approval; or (d)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Is produced by the EMPLOYEE before the COMPANY actually discloses it to the EMPLOYEE. 4. Obligations of EMPLOYEE. EMPLOYEE shall hold and maintain the Confidential Information in strictest confidence, for the sole and exclusive benefit of the COMPANY.   EMPLOYEE shall carefully restrict access to Confidential Information to other employees, contractors and third parties as is reasonably required and shall require those persons to sign nondisclosure restrictions at least as protective as those in this Agreement. EMPLOYEE shall not, without prior written approval of COMPANY, use for EMPLOYEE’s own benefit, publish, copy, or otherwise disclose to others, or permit the use by others for their personal benefit or to the detriment of COMPANY, any Confidential Information. EMPLOYEE shall return to COMPANY any and all records, notes, and other written, printed, or tangible materials in its possession pertaining to Confidential Information immediately, if the COMPANY requests it in writing.   EMPLOYEE shall return to the COMPANY all material and documents that contain Confidential Information, and shall not retain any of these copies.   EMPLOYEES shall not disclose CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to future employers or use it themselves, at any time even after termination. 5. Relationships. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute either party a partner, joint venturer or employee of the other party for any purpose. 6. Severability. If a court finds any provision of this Agreement invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall be valid and interpreted so as best to effect the intent of the parties. 7. Integration. This Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all prior proposals, agreements, representations, and understandings. This Agreement may not be amended except in a writing signed by both parties. 8. Waiver. The failure to exercise any right provided in this Agreement shall not be a waiver of prior or subsequent rights.   COMPANY will be entitled to obtain an injunction to ensure that no infringement of this Agreement occurs. This Agreement and each party’s obligations shall be binding on the representatives, assigns and successors in interest of such party. Each party has signed this Agreement in WITNESS. ________________________________________ (EMPLOYEE’S Signature) ________________________________________ (Typed or Printed Name) Date: _____________________ ________________________________________ (COMPANY’S Signature) ________________________________________ (Typed or Printed Name) Date: _________________ ______________________________________________ (Witness 1 Signature) ________________________________________ (Typed or Printed Name) Date: _________________ ______________________________________________ (Witness 2 Signature) ________________________________________ (Typed or Printed Name)    Date: _________________ References:   

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Living Like a Weasel

A mind-changing unexpected encounter Didn't we all had one or several moments in life that made you see yourself, the way you live in a whole new perspective? That special moment where it felt like lightning struck you and you changed your perspective of life? For some of you might have been the birth of your child or the moving to a different country? To Dillard it was the unexpected encounter with a weasel. Annie Dillard was born in 1945 and it seems like she always had a thirst for reading, writing and overall literature.She studied literature and creative writing and has wrote several books, novels and essays and even won the Pulitzer Price for â€Å"Pilgrim at the Creek†. Thus I think it was really interesting to read one of her shorter works â€Å"Living Like a Weasel†, a story in which Annie Dillard describes her magical unexpected encounter with a Weasel in six parts. Dillard starts out by directly pointing to the ‘weasel topic' by introducing it with a sh ort 4 word sentence â€Å"A weasel is wild†(Diyanni, p. 97).She goes on with a question to get the readers' attention and let them be part of her journey, â€Å"Who knows what he thinks† (Diyanni, p. 97). A detailed description of a weasel's hunting habit follows. It almost come across as a beast in a horror movie and the adjectives intensify the mental image, â€Å"he bites his prey by the neck, either splitting the jugular vein at the throat or crunching the brain at the base of the skull†(Diyanni, p. 97). She uses the two comparisons of a rattle snake and a sticky label to enhance the image of the weasel that will never let go once it sunk its teeth in something.The first part creates a negative image of a wild weasel. In the second part Dillard explains why she knows all the previous stated facts in the introduction because she recently saw a weasel. After she briefly mentions this fact she guides us in to her world away from civilization. â€Å"Hollis Pond , †¦ also called Murray's Pond†. Her description is again very detailed, such as including the number 6 two times, â€Å"With six inches of water and six thousand lily pads†.Six is considered to be the most harmonious number, with â€Å"a loving and caring nature† (www. numerology. com) and underlines the cozy impression the reader gets when she describes the peaceful, to Dillard even magical pond, â€Å"from the distant shore they look like miracles itself, complete with miracle's nonchalance† (Diyanni, p. 98). Even though suburbia is a common term Dillard almost makes it seem like Hollis Pond is an own little world named suburbia, â€Å"This, mind you, suburbia† (Diyanni, p. 98), placed in the middle of civilization.However when you are there you feel like you are in a completely different place, where nothing of the rest of the world is noticable. She even defines frontiers of her â€Å"suburbia†, â€Å"there is a 55 mph highway at o ne end of the pond, and a pair of nesting wood ducks at the other† (Diyanni, p. 100). Furthermore Dillard repeats the number five twice, â€Å"It is a five-minute walk†, â€Å"55mph highway†. The number five symbolizes dynamic and energy, it represents the life style of every day's life, that is mostly hectic and fast, people do not rest and take in the moment.Dillard bans this hectic environment from her world, in which she is the queen. It seems like she is above it and sits on a throne-like bench, which is supported by several adjectives such as â€Å"upholstered bench†, â€Å"upper†, â€Å"plush jetty raised†,†watching the lily pads at my feet† (Diyanni, p. 99). Then all of a sudden she has an unexpected encounter with the weasel. Her upper dominant position is mentioned once more, â€Å"I was looking down at the weasel, who was looking up at me† (Diyanni, p. 99).The third part of Dillard's essay begins with the descrip tion of the weasel. However it is not nearly as negative as it was in the beginning but rather positive, â€Å"thin as a curve, a muscled ribbon, brown as fruitwood, soft furred† (Diyanni, p. 99). Both, human and animal, exchange glances and hold eye-contact for several seconds. For Dillard it seems to be a magical moment as if the two have a mutual, unspoken understanding and goes on with emphasizing this for her extremely special meeting.The weasel is the one to break off the eye contact, but Dillard tries to gain it again. This is the first clear moment where the theme wildness and necessity versus consciousness and choice comes up. For the weasel it was nothing special, it only checked if the human would harm it in any way. However due to the human's consciousness Dillard interprets a whole new meaning into this encounter, for a minute she was mentally connected with an wild animal. She even asks herself what a weasel might think and thus puts it on the same level as huma n.Part four continues with the change that the unexpected meeting has caused in Dillard. It seems like her mind switched and experienced an eye-opener. Now Dillard is aware of the fact that she should live life to the fullest, just like the weasel does â€Å"I would like to live as I should† (Diyanni, p. 100), that she needs to change her previous life style, â€Å"I would like to live as I should† (Diyanni, p. 100). Part five begins with regrets that she has about her life, â€Å"I missed my chance†. The whole two paragraphs are marked with ways she could life.She uses various metaphors and comparisons as if she was a weasel but those stylistic device do not necessarily explain how she wants to change her life style, but rather establishes the question of the social interaction and living with each other â€Å"Could two live under the wild rose†¦?†¦ We could you know. † She answers all questions in the second paragraph that she asked herself as ked in the first, â€Å" A weasel doesn't ‘attack' anything; a weasel lives as he is meant to† (Diyanni, p. 101) The sixth and last part is about Dillard's conviction, that the weasel's life can be used as an example.That you should free yourself from all consciousness and live in necessity, to open up and enjoy life, to put your inside and your feelings to the outside and strip down to the bones, â€Å"let your musky flesh fall off in shreds† (Diyanni, p. 101). I enjoyed reading this essay and for myself gained a different perspective off of it. However I think Dillard saw something that was not there. She interpreted a new life perspective into her encounter with a weasel. It is a good example of that human beings are superior to all other animals.We have consciousness and try to connect events and make sense out of them. We constantly look for change and strive for better. To me Dillard took it a notch to far with the mind connecting, however it made me think, it convinced me that sometimes that you need to grab life by its throat and take it all in without thinking too much, seize the day and once in a while, live a little mindless. References: Annie Dillard: Living like a Weasel in: Diyanni, Robert:50 Great Essays. 4th. New York City: Penguin Academics, 2010. Print. http://www. anniedillard. com/ http://www. numerology. com/numerology-numbers/6

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Bussiness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Bussiness - Essay Example According to the China National Tourism Office (2007b), statistics show that China has one of the biggest inbound markets in Asia constituting almost 34 % of theregion's total tourist arrivals. Over the next decade, China will become the second largest travel and tourism industry inthe world, after the United States. The China tourism sector is expected to further improve as it continues to receive renewed support with relaxation of government regulation (CNTOa, 2007). China's emerging market is now seeing rapid developments as major international hotel companies are pushing to establish strong footholds in the region. Many top of the line hotel chains are already being constructed in preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. (Zhang et al, 2005). Major foreign investments are pouring in every sector aside from tourism contributing to higher government revenues that provides further initiative and funds to develop and promote the rich cultural heritage of the country. China can now afford to set and meet higher standards in accommodation and other support systems. Indeed, it has developed from offering substandard services to one that is truly remarkable. The aim of this paper is to analyze the developments in hospitality industry in China... I will also be providing details on the projects and initiatives, how they were implemented, who implemented them and provide a report on the current status of the project whenever possible. 2.0 On the Road to Success: China's Initiatives for the Hospitality Industry 2.1 10th Five-Year Plan Tourism Development Program The year 2000 saw a complete fulfillment of drawing up the Tourism Development Program for the 10th Five-Year Plan. Based on the work done in 1999, two forums on mapping out the Tourism Development Program for the 10th Five-Year Plan were respectively held in Nanjing and Harbin between January and February in 2000. The Nanjing Forum was attended by representatives from tourist departments in southeast China, while the Harbin Forum was attended by representatives from North China. By October 2000, the "China Tourism Development Program for the 10th Five-Year Plan and the Program Outline by the Years 2015 and 2020" had been already worked out. It reviews the achievements made in tourism industry and experiences gained in its development during the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, outlines the tourist development targets and major projects during the 10th Five-Year Plan, and systematically puts forward important strategic ideologies for realizing the grand blueprint. It is program of action which will guide China's tourism industry to make bigger development in the new century. (Wen and Tisdell, 2001) 2.2 Professional Management in Tourism Planning In line with the renewed efforts for the development of the hospitality sector, more efforts were made to strengthen professional management of tourism planning, accelerate the process of legislation construction in tourism planning, and give more technological and policy guidance on local tourism

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The Dialectics of Wilson's The Piano Lesson by Elam Harry Essay

The Dialectics of Wilson's The Piano Lesson by Elam Harry - Essay Example The ghosts are symbolic of the past that keeps haunting the African Americans. Harry’s analysis is agreeable but excessively prejudiced.The next article â€Å"Call-and-Response: Parallel "Slave Narrative" in August Wilson's The Piano Lesson† by Boan Devon, which posits that Wilsons play is a propos on conflicts that arise when deciding the degree to which the past should affect the present. He argues that author of the play uses the piano as the benchmark to develop the argument on how people view the past. The author argues that the play consist of a traditional folklore incorporated into a true but metaphorical approach on slavery. According to Devon, the metaphorical narrative revolves around Willie Boy integrated into a family folklore revolving around Doaker. The approach is captivating and agreeable as it irrefutably explicates Wilson’s play. This paper is a critique of Elam Harry’s article â€Å"The Dialectics of Wilson's The Piano Lesson† an d Boan Devon article â€Å"Call-and-Response: Parallel "Slave Narrative" in August Wilson's The Piano Lesson.† The paper focuses on demonstrating the prejudice manner in which Elam has analysed the play â€Å"The Piano Lesson† and articulate the judiciousness of Devon’s scrutiny on the same play. ... mbol of conventional African Americans who believe their history should not be deserted while Boy Willy signifies noninterventionist African Americans who feel their past was futile and agonizing and should thus not preoccupy their future. Willie therefore tries to approve the American entrepreneurship to demonstrate his exodus from the wearying past African ancestry. Harry states that the whites viewed â€Å"The pain, struggle, and suffering of Charles family, represented by their personal histories etched into the piano† (Elam 370) with pleasure and coldness. The author further asserts that refusal of Berniece to dispose the piano represents the impact of the African American rebuttal to adopt western culture, which causes their continued poverty. Harry’s approach is distasteful, biased and fails to acknowledge any positive qualities of African American culture. Harry posits that African American culture â€Å"Has offered the only opportunities for expression and res istance.† (Elam 368). This is contrary to the portrayal in the play since Wilson has shown that the culture has facilitated unanimity among the African Americans. The author bigotry claims â€Å"The Current crisis and fragmentation of the African American family still bear the scars of this dislocation and disregard for family structure.† (Elam 368). The play does not depict Africans disregard to family structure. In deed, the Charles family tries to remain united such that at the end Willie decides to give up his dream of vending the Piano for the sake of family harmony. However, Harry acceptably attributes slavery to have contributed to the poverty in Charles family. He accurately interprets the piano as the African American culture passed on from generation to generation, which some African American’s

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Waste water in UAE Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Waste water in UAE - Personal Statement Example t decades, rapid economic development and an exponentially expanding population have compelled the government to rely on non-conventional water resources. Some of the sources include desalination (Madwar & Tarazi, 2013) or treated wastewater as optional sources of water for irrigation purposes (MoHUD, 2014). The treated wastewater is widely applied as marginal water suitable for the cultivating of forages, in landscaping, in fruit farms among other uses (Alhumoud, et al, 2010). In the UAE, the yearly production of treated wastewater is averagely 450 million cubic meters, approximately 8% of the nation’s water capacity (Issa, et al, 2012). However, only approximately 60% percent of the treated wastewater is reused in the required areas. The low efficiency stems from the low capacity of the of the country’s distributing system following water treatment (Hamad, et al, 2013: Al-katheeri, 2008). Further, the reuse of treated wastewater presents several forms of risks that ex tend to the environment, health economic and strategic (Radan, 2010). The disturbing fact, however, is the challenges encountered in measuring the risks. The proposal presents an assessment of different options for the reuse of the treated wastewater and maps out the risks faced in the various phases. It further creates a basis for coming to terms with the continuation of the work plan that can establish financial functions that represent various risks. Through the synthesis of existing literature, the report seeks to establish the bet course of action for salvaging the situation. Hamad, A., Ahmed, A., & Douboni, M. (2013). Cost-effective wastewater treatment and recycling in mini-plants using mass integration. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 4(4), 246-256. doi: Worku, G. B. (2013). Demand for improved public transport services in the UAE: A contingent valuation study in Dubai. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(10),

Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Management - Essay Example The project is to launch a new product, a multiple container system that requires minimal cabinet storage space in the consumer’s home, within nine months from now. The product is more described in greater detail as similar to a competitor's product but will have significantly more features. As reported, this product will open new markets for the sales channel, lay the foundation for add-on products, and generate new revenue. The objective therefore is for sales and marketing personnel to make the necessary preparations in terms of designing appropriate marketing strategies encompassing the 4Ps: product, pricing, place and promotions to be used for the launching of the new product. This research aims to evaluate and present such deliverables: 1. Sales Team 1.1 Generate sales forecasts 1.2 Set price for the new product 1.3 Familiarize the team with potential add-on products 1.4 Identify potential customers within sales boundaries 1.5 Conduct sales force education and orientation for the new product 1.6 Synchronize time schedule of designing strategies with manufacturing and marketing team 2. Marketing Team 2.1 Design advertisements and promotional campaign for the new product 2.2 Identify strategic markets 2.3 Monitor prospective competitors’ response to the new product 2.4 Provide all crucial marketing materials (brochures, product specifications and features, packaging) 2.5 Determine schedules for home sales events to launch the new product 2.6 Synchronize time schedule of identified activities with manufacturing and sales team.

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Security on the Internet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Security on the Internet - Research Paper Example Information technology and internet in the present scenario has become extremely important for every business organization. It has become the most appropriate means for carrying out long distance communication across global organizations. In addition, the continuous technological advancement is argued to inherent security risks. If the statistical reports are taken into consideration, multiple cases of online data theft and fraud can be brought up through which the safety and the integrity of internet can specifically be questioned (Koskosas et al., 2011). Moreover, by taking into consideration, the rising level of online attacks, it has become a challenge for the IT engineers to counter such unwarranted situations that might risk the integrity and survival of multiple organizations along with all the stakeholders associated with it. As a result, this report will focus towards evaluating the security issues identified within the IT structure of ‘XYZ Ltd.’ through which t he inappropriate loopholes that existed within the system can be identified. Adding to that, the report will also emphasize on the available solutions through which such security issues are being resolved (Koskosas et al., 2011). As already discussed above, security issues within IT organizations has become a common trend. Reason for this cause can be provided by taking consideration of the level of data being accessed within these companies on daily basis. Adding to that, majority of the IT companies appears to have taken appropriate steps regarding minimizing the percentage of confidential data loss. As a result, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is often opted. Nevertheless, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is perceived to increase the risk of data loss from the central servers. Moreover, in order to carry out the daily

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Scholarship letter for Summer Energy School Essay

Scholarship letter for Summer Energy School - Essay Example I feel that I will do justice with the honour of being granted the scholarship since I shall be able to perform admirably well in the program. My confidence comes from the fat that I have already studied various aspects of the respective field with commitment and focus. Baku Summer Energy School will provide me opportunities to learn about environmental issues, laws, economic aspects etc that are related to the field and still have not been explored by me to a great extent. My present knowledge about the field comes from my Bachelor degree in the field of international relations and politics. I am currently pursuing my Masters education in the field of politics, security and integration. Numerous courses are predicted to help me in the anticipated program, some of them are; Peace, conflict and security Legal aspects of international relations The missing dimension Human rights in global politics Gender, justice and environment. A strong inclination towards the study of energy made me opt for energy related topics for my dissertations in Bachelor and Masters programs. I have also passed IELTS with a 7 score. Apart from my commitment to my academics, I have also attended Model United Nations Conferences for students in the UK, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, as well as ASAIF conference in Strasbourg. These conferences proved to be great learning experiences and have taught me the relevance of this field on an international level. I was able to acquire professional knowledge about the field and the latest developments that are taking place in the world. The interactive nature of the Baku Summer Energy School will give me another opportunity to interact and learn from the public and private sector leaders from around the world. I highly value such opportunities and experiences that are offered by colleges to train their students for their professional careers. I have even had the opportunity to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijani Republic for two years as an interpreter and Press Service officer. I feel that my exposure to the professional line, as well as working experiences in the public sector will help me contribute valuable insights during the program. My peers shall be able to enhance their knowledge due to my professional exposure, just like I will be able to benefit from their achievements. My frequent travels to different countries with my parents have directed me towards another area of interest- learning about different cultures and origins. The passion for learning about different cultures and customs has derived me to learn three languages. I enjoy analyzing the differences among different nations of the world and their histories that direct them to follow their specific lifestyles. The nature of relations amongst different countries and nations has always attracted my attention and has provoked me to study deeply into the subject. I believe the global nature of the economy in the present world requires a comme ndable understanding of the field of international relations, especially in the energy sector. The field of energy of one country cannot be studied in isolation from the world; the global implications, laws and environmental impacts have to be discussed as well to present a logical perspective of the prevailing situation. I feel that the multi-faceted nature of my academic records will make me face the challenges and achieve objectives of this course in a commendable manner. I belong

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Why is Gun Control a necessary tool to reduce the levels of violence Essay

Why is Gun Control a necessary tool to reduce the levels of violence in the USA - Essay Example However, the Gun Lobby groups are well organized, well funded, and substantially powerful for the all-out ban on such guns. Various government agency bully various lawmakers such as Congress members, Senators, and State Reps due to passing strict and effective legislation on firearms. The perception of "people kill people† is an unfounded phenomenon that gun rights advocates do not support. It is worth noting that guns were designed to murder people. The item is a war weapon that has become a way of life. Life is abruptly put to an end or altered through the pull of a trigger and the pistol’s crack. Many murder cases occurring across the world indicate that people have prior knowledge of each other in bar rooms, within the home, in parking lots, or on street corners among family, friends, and acquaintances (Spano & Pridemore & Bolland 19). In times of heated situations, the possession of firearms translates into murder. The other frequent occurrence in this case is evident when young kids have access to the guns. They play with fellow typical kids without knowledge of them being loaded. When kids poses to shoot others, it results into murder as they do not have a realization that such guns are actually loaded. In most cases, people with proper knowledge of one another involve in drastic arguments that become deadly in the presence of firearms. However, in reality, these individuals do not have an awareness of the actions they per take up to the moment the action crosses their mind and they face such situations. Further, it is even easier for people to aim a gun at people out of anger. This results in death or even permanent paralysis. In other poor urban areas, aspects of murder are rather rampant. This attributes to poverty, low employment, as well as minimal educational opportunities (Alcindor 123). In drastic environments, the drug presence, bad housing, as well as overcrowding are also major pointers of gun violence.

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ISIT in the Strategy process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ISIT in the Strategy process - Essay Example The emphasis is not on predicting the technological advancements with absolute certainty; yet strategic planning is based on analysing the trends in technology and developing strategies to draw maximum benefits through optimal utilisation of the latest technology for the company. There are important distinctions between strategic planning andforetelling. A strategy is developed based on past performances, current situation and businenss scenario, trends and future implications and organisation's vision and objectives. It is not just a prediction into future but a comprehensive process of developing the strategic direction for the company and allocation of resources to meet business objectives. Ofcourse, this includes detailed analysis of technological trends and an estimate of technology change with a view to provide optimal technological solutions for business information needs. However, an organisation whch is unable to analyse the changing trend and fast growth in technology; fails to achieve the desired strategic objectives because of technology obsoleteness; needs for faster, reliable and secure systems and information transfer; and lack of resources to implement and operate latest information technology products and services. These information strategies need not be developed with a d

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Jane Cazneau Essay Example for Free

Jane Cazneau Essay Hudson posits a Native American grandmother, although there is no solid evidence of this. Her first marriage apparently dissolved, but there is no divorce record. She may or may not have had an affair with Aaron Burr, an early mentor. Hudsons most significant claim is that Jane Storm is the journalist who coined the phrase manifest destiny (pp. 60-62). Hudson argues that later historians have simply assumed that John OSullivan wrote the Democratic Reviews many unsigned editorials. But Hudsons computer analysis (Appendix B) of OSullivans and Storms signed works shows that the grammatical errors in the famous editorial that first contained the phrase exhibit a much closer correlation with those commonly made by Storm than with those made by OSullivan. What is certain is that she migrated to pre-revolutionary Texas and speculated in land grants and immigration schemes. Writing under the pen name Montgomery (later, Cora Montgomery), Storm became a regular correspondent of Moses Y. Beachs New York Sun. When war broke out, Storm accompanied Beach and his daughter on a covert peace mission to Mexico in late 1846. The Beach mission has long been clouded with uncertainty about its purposes and accomplishments, and so Storms role in it is similarly in doubt. Nonetheless, she was clearly an important element, as neither of the Beaches knew Spanish and President James K. Polk had a private interview with her after her return. After the war, Storm continued to favor U. S. xpansion into Latin America and the Caribbean, especially through annexation. Although Hudson maintains that Storm was not a strong proponent of All Mexico during the U. S. -Mexican War, some have credited her with leading the movement. She had contact with Cuban, Mexican, and Nicaraguan filibustering groups. She married diplomat Williams L. Cazneau in 1849 after a long acquaintance but still worked as a journalist for numerous publications, wrote about her travels, and remained active in Democratic P arty politics. She secured a diplomatic mission to the Dominican Republic for her husband and worked with him to gain U. S. access to Samana Bay. Jane Storm Cazneau died in a shipwreck during a storm at sea in 1878. Many questions about her activities and the extent of her influence remain unanswered. Barring the emergence of new documentary collections, Hudsons biography is the most complete picture of her life we are likely to have. As such it is a useful addition to the literature on nineteenth-century U. S. expansionism.