Monday, July 29, 2019

Communication in Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communication in Economics - Essay Example hased in by internet and there new governmental entities such as the City of Tucson City Council trying to impose similar sales imposition to raised their revenues. This paper provides an analysis of the pros and cons on the internet sales tax controversy. The government always wants to get their hands in any revenue generating scheme at any cost. The base by which critics refuse to recognize the right of a city such as Tucson to impose city tax sales is that most of the transactions are occurring outside their regional jurisdiction. If an online store is located in Toronto, Canada how does a government official justify that they have the right of collecting a sales tax from a Tucson citizen for purchasing good from that store. It is an outrageous claim by these city officials that such a transaction is legitimate. That is the as saying that a resident that goes to Canada on a tourism leisure trip should pay taxes to the cities on the purchase they make during their vacation. The timing and precise location of where the transaction took place is also an argument against the bureaucrats illogical idea. If the resident of Tucson goes outside the city borders with their laptop and makes a purchase in an online store in a different city t here is not way that Tucson would be eligible for a sales tax since the person was not in Tucson when the purchase was made. Their sales taxing system if approved would attempt and successful collect the tax due to the shipping address in Tucson which since the information taxing system does not differentiate between transactions since it is impossible to know where the actual took place when dealing with a virtual transaction. Governmental officials and lobbyist for taxing internet sales have a different perspective on the issue. To them not taxing internet sales is a discriminatory move against local merchants which are obligated to charge people sales tax, a move which raises the price of the items purchased. The merchants with

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