Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Negative effect of Climate Change on Food Security in the Essay - 1

The Negative effect of Climate Change on Food Security in the Caribbean - Essay Example There is also the risk of islands disappearing in the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Oceans. This can lead to production of large amounts of greenhouse gases which effect the Food adversely (Romeo et al. 2010). Deforestation and degradation of the land are intolerable practices in the agricultural sector. This causes large amount of carbon to be emitted in the atmosphere causing negative effects of climate change to occur. There is a need to harmonize the climate change and food security policies. In the Caribbean and Latin America alone, almost 53 million people suffered from hunger due to food insecurities caused by the negative climate change (Romeo et al. 2010). This needs to be monitored so that things can be improved and standardized for the betterment of the people’s lifestyle. Unfortunately the persistent issue of hunger in a world which is characterized by sufficient supply of wealth and food to feed the entire humanity along with the severe climate change has caused several people to lose hope. Romeo, C. C. M., Escajedo, S. E. L., Emaldi, C. A., & CaÃŒ tedra Interuniversitaria FundacioÃŒ n, European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics., BBVA-DiputacioÃŒ n Foral de Bizkaia de Derecho y Genoma Humano. (2010).  Global food security: Ethical and legal challenges : EurSafe 2010, Bilbao, Spain, 16-18 September, 2010. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic

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