Monday, September 23, 2019

Gospel Interpretation Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gospel Interpretation Project - Research Paper Example During Lazarus time, the dead were buried immediately after their death. This was because there were no preservatives of the dead body and burial had to take pace immediately so that the body did not decompose and become a bother to the people. Moreover, there were burial rites that needed to be observed. For example, in the case of Lazarus, he was wrapped with white clothing before he was buried according to the Jewish culture. Similar to many other cultures, people went to mourn with the family of the deceased. This explains why there was a crowd surrounding the home ground of Lazarus that Jesus found when he went to visit four days after his death. The people were aware that the body underwent decomposition after burial because the sisters to Lazarus indicated to Jesus that they were afraid that he was rotting and smelling already. Moreover, the people exhibited fear for the dead as they were not aware of the real condition of the dead. This explains why they were shocked when the y were shocked when he was resurrected (Harris 403). Prior to the event of resurrecting Lazarus, the Jews had threatened to stone Jesus. Therefore, the disciples were against the idea of Jesus joining any crowd that comprised of the Jews. However, Jesus indicated that it was during the day and he had twelve hours to complete his daily activities. It was at this point that Jesus made the disciples aware that Lazarus had died. However, at first he said it figuratively giving the disciples the impression that he was just asleep. After realizing that the disciples has not grasped the meaning f his words, he said it clear that Lazarus had died. However, he mentioned that it was a good thing that he had not been there during his death because this could present a good opportunity for them to believe. With this, Jesus was referring to the event making people believe that he was the son of God (V., C n.p). On

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