Monday, September 9, 2019

Scholarship letter for Summer Energy School Essay

Scholarship letter for Summer Energy School - Essay Example I feel that I will do justice with the honour of being granted the scholarship since I shall be able to perform admirably well in the program. My confidence comes from the fat that I have already studied various aspects of the respective field with commitment and focus. Baku Summer Energy School will provide me opportunities to learn about environmental issues, laws, economic aspects etc that are related to the field and still have not been explored by me to a great extent. My present knowledge about the field comes from my Bachelor degree in the field of international relations and politics. I am currently pursuing my Masters education in the field of politics, security and integration. Numerous courses are predicted to help me in the anticipated program, some of them are; Peace, conflict and security Legal aspects of international relations The missing dimension Human rights in global politics Gender, justice and environment. A strong inclination towards the study of energy made me opt for energy related topics for my dissertations in Bachelor and Masters programs. I have also passed IELTS with a 7 score. Apart from my commitment to my academics, I have also attended Model United Nations Conferences for students in the UK, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, as well as ASAIF conference in Strasbourg. These conferences proved to be great learning experiences and have taught me the relevance of this field on an international level. I was able to acquire professional knowledge about the field and the latest developments that are taking place in the world. The interactive nature of the Baku Summer Energy School will give me another opportunity to interact and learn from the public and private sector leaders from around the world. I highly value such opportunities and experiences that are offered by colleges to train their students for their professional careers. I have even had the opportunity to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijani Republic for two years as an interpreter and Press Service officer. I feel that my exposure to the professional line, as well as working experiences in the public sector will help me contribute valuable insights during the program. My peers shall be able to enhance their knowledge due to my professional exposure, just like I will be able to benefit from their achievements. My frequent travels to different countries with my parents have directed me towards another area of interest- learning about different cultures and origins. The passion for learning about different cultures and customs has derived me to learn three languages. I enjoy analyzing the differences among different nations of the world and their histories that direct them to follow their specific lifestyles. The nature of relations amongst different countries and nations has always attracted my attention and has provoked me to study deeply into the subject. I believe the global nature of the economy in the present world requires a comme ndable understanding of the field of international relations, especially in the energy sector. The field of energy of one country cannot be studied in isolation from the world; the global implications, laws and environmental impacts have to be discussed as well to present a logical perspective of the prevailing situation. I feel that the multi-faceted nature of my academic records will make me face the challenges and achieve objectives of this course in a commendable manner. I belong

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