Thursday, August 1, 2019

Black People and Samuel L. Jackson Essay

Who is she today and what is her occupation? President of brown university Where was she born? When? Grapeland TX1940 What did her parents do?How many people were in her family? They were share croppers14 What was her life like as a little girl? Explain in several sentences. Also, include the specific details of sensory imagery she uses to enhance her description. She was a step out of slavery There were hundreds of people living in it A bucket with syrup a biscuit and bacon grease in it When did Ruth’s life shift, or change? How did this shift change her life? Be specific, and include details. 1950s they joined the vast migrations of African Americans to big cities She moved to Huston TX Explain the term sharecropping. Use a section of Ruth’s own words to complete your description. Where in turn for slavery they got a little amount of money from the slave holder Explain the term Jim Crow South. Use a section of Ruth’s own words to complete your description. â€Å"don’t ever talk back to a white person, if your on the sidewalk and you encounter a white person step off the side walk and let them pass and we dare not break the rules for fear of what would happen† Interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson Web address: HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR. Where did he live as a child? Explain his early life in a few sentences. They lived in three segregated neighborhoods. The color of their skin determined what they could do and what schools they could attend where they could work and with whom they could socialize. It bonded them together culturally. SAMUEL L. JACKSON Where did he live as a child? Down town Chattanooga Tennessee When did he leave, and why? By his 18th birthday, and to attend moorhouse collage Describe his childhood home? Embed a quote into your answer. Include sensory imagery for your answer. The black community was very small. Describe his family, and explain how he felt about them. Who said, â€Å"Segregation could impose many limits, but it couldn’t completely crush all of our dreams†? *Remember: when you use exact words and phrases, use proper documentation.

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