Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Exploring University of Leicester (HERO GENIE) for Food@Uni Essay

Exploring University of Leicester (HERO GENIE) for Food@Uni - Essay Example The broader problem of this research is to find the effectiveness of the Food@Uni program in creating long term beneficial effects for the students to protect themselves from chronic diseases that are likely to develop in future. The research analysis along with findings and recommendations are explained in this paper. Several authors in this world have admitted that high consumption of unhealthy junk foods have serious effects on the health of the human beings. It is true that fast food items like wraps, sandwiches, burgers and French fries can be considered as junk food items. Consumption of junk food has serious effects on health. Obesity, heart disease, high calories, overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes are the consequences of high consumption of fast food items (Ronzio, 2003, p.247). It is true that these fast food items are highly popular among the children, kids and young adults. In addition to this, busy college students and office goers used to consume this fast food item due to quick processing time of these food items (Houston, 2005, p.109). People can save valuable consumption time and cost by buying fast food items. However, the growing negative consequences of consumption of fast food are creating major concerns for governments, households and several people (Murphy, 2013, p .39). It is true that several leading multinational fast food organizations are trying to offer quality fast food products in order to overcome the issues (Gallup, 2004, p.76). However, governments and several non-profit organizations are trying to create awareness among the people to consume healthy food items in order to stay healthy and feet. It is important for several colleges, universities and other educational organizations to develop several awareness programmes and events for people to reduce the possibility of human diseases. It is true that children, kids and young college students are

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