Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Implementing Technology Tools and Sites in the Curriculum Assignment

Implementing Technology Tools and Sites in the Curriculum - Assignment Example This study discusses that the contemporary society is defined by development in all facets of life including the economic, social, and technological fronts. Such development ought to be integrated into the learning environment as the children are being prepared for the real life experiences. Technological advancements have created various avenues through which the learning experience can be made more easy, understandable, and enjoyable to the student as it has been made easier for the educators to disburse information and interact with the individuals at individualized levels through student-centered approaches. Various tools provided by technology can be employed both within and outside the classroom to enhance student learning and promote interactive approaches to learning. When employing such technologies, it is important for the teachers to be well aware of the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers and the need to implement the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) e lements. This paper involves the application of the Kahoot, FunBrain, and Wikispaces technology tools in the classroom to facilitate student learning.This paper highlights that  Kahoot forms one of the effective interactive tools that can be employed in the classroom environment to achieve increased understanding among the students and facilitate increased student engagement in the learning process.  

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